Harp Study with Constance Koo

Through my journey as a student, I have had the privilege to study with some of the most accomplished harpists of our generation. My teachers have never ceased to encourage, guide, challenge, and, most importantly, inspire me as an individual. As it brings me joy performing for others, I believe it is equally important to impart the excellent example and training that I, myself, was so blessed to receive. As I know full well the patience and encouragement necessary for the development of any skill, I seek to challenge students to excel and discover their artistic potential. Realizing the ability to express themselves through music makes the time spent together and the learning process of performing the harp all the more rewarding.

Through a well-formed and efficient methodology, students will acquire the technical and musical skills necessary to play the harp.

For lesson inquiries, where to find a harp, and further information, please contact constancekoo.